Key System

SD Release has a key system that allows you to track your users' behaviour. Keys are also used to identify websites (users) and allow or disallow downloads/updates. Keys are when the plugin is enabled, automatically generated for the user. Keys can be injected into packages so your code can then handle them on the users' website.

Update System
Keys are used in the update system to identify which user is requesting updates. Simply append &key=<key> to any update URL (collection or extension) and SD Release will allow or disallow the download based on the criteria. If the user is not in the specified user group (anymore), the system will disallow the download. This is very useful for automatic subscription systems that work with user groups.

Displaying keys in the frontend
Keys can be injected in the frontend too. You'll need to enable the Replace Key Tag option in the System - SD Release plugin first. After enabling, the tag {sdrelease_key} will be replaced with the key of the currently logged in user. If no user is logged in, the tag will disappear. Use it, for example, in a custom HTML module with the registered access level.