Update System

SD Release comes with a convenient update system to push new versions to your end-users automatically. Whenever you create a new version, the update will pop up in the XML's generated by SD Release. It'll let Joomla! websites know they can download it (if they match the criteria to download).

SD Release comes with a collection XML that contains all the extensions and their current version. It allows you to simply use one update server for all extensions you provide. The collection URL can be found at the Info screen in SD Release. It'll look something like https://your-website.com/index.php?option=com_sdrelease&view=collection&format=xml.

SD Release comes with an extension XML too. The collection XML also points all extensions to their corresponding extension XML. This XML is specific to a single extension and can also be used as an update server. It is less convenient, but a little less confusing for your end users when they look at the update servers in Joomla. You can also find this URL at the Info screen in SD Release. It'll look something like https://your-website.com/index.php?option=com_sdrelease&view=updates&format=xml. Don't forget to add the specific extension id to the URL!